Monday, June 28, 2010

"Fascinating Snowflakes" Beautiful Art- Art Created by Nature

What a world we Live in! Here are a few images of snowflakes which shows us how beautiful & artistic the nature is in its creations.

Artistic Snowflake Shapes 1
Artistic Snowflake Shapes 2
Artistic Snowflake Shapes 3
Artistic Snowflake Shapes 4
Artistic Snowflake Shapes 5
© Pam-Eveleigh

Artistic Snowflake Shapes 6
© Alin Balanean
Artistic Snowflake Shapes 7
© nutmeg66

Artistic Snowflake Shapes 8
Artistic Snowflake Shapes 9
© ario
Artistic Snowflake Shapes 10
© Icecubephoto
Artistic Snowflake Shapes 11

Every snowflake has its own unique beauty shape and is different than all other snowflakes, Simply amazing! See how beautiful and complexity images of snowflakes under microscope views [Click Wiki's Link]

How to Photograph Snowflakes
Shooting snowflakes is easy -- just follow these tips:

• Get in as close as the camera will let you -- usually about 2 inches. Hold the camera steady, and shoot from as many angles as possible.

• Aim for snowflakes that are on surfaces with clean lines and that are positioned at an angle so early morning or late afternoon sunlight can bring out details. And, Falk adds, "It also helps to find flakes in the 'twilight zone' areas of the snow -- not in full sun nor quite full shadow -- so the background of the sunlit flake is the cobalt blue shadow that snow has on sunny days."

• Large, soft flakes photograph better than small, bright ones. Falk has found them at diameters up to 5mm. "You need to have a lot of moisture in the air," she says, "and it needs to be bitter cold."

• Nearly windless days are ideal for snowflake hunting, to up the likelihood of finding crystals intact. Colder temperatures help "to keep their little arms from melting off before you can get to them."

Tips by : lorifredrickson

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Interesting & Useful Links - World Cup 2010 South Africa

FIFA's official World Cup site - [Link]

World cup 2010 South Africa Guidance – [Link]

Useful service offering of rent of cellular moving bodies to be used in South Africa - [Link]

Matches in the week ahead, useful for those pre-World Cup friendlies - [Link]

Pretty cool quality for world cup 2010 South Africa Calendar - [Link]

ESPN’s World Cup 2010 TV Schedule - [Link]

World Cup in Excel 2010 in Excel - [Link]

A handy pdf match schedule from FIFA - [Link]

World Cup 2010 South Africa Wallpapers - [Link]

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Very Groovy and Innovative Electric Motorcycle from Paolo De Giusti

Innovative Electrical Motorcycle from Paolo De Giusti 1

A very interesting concept of electric motorcycle created by industrial designer from Italy Paolo De Giusti. An electrical motorcycle featured with a new "Shared Battery system” creating an unique combination from the aggresive look and at the same time eco-friendly concept.

Innovative Electrical Motorcycle from Paolo De Giusti 2

Innovative Electrical Motorcycle from Paolo De Giusti 3

Innovative Electrical Motorcycle from Paolo De Giusti 4

Innovative Electrical Motorcycle from Paolo De Giusti 5
Souces: Paolo De Guisti's Portofolio
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Motivational Story 1 - The Power of Appreciation

- Give Honest and Sincere Appreciation and your Relationship will going to last forever.

A member of one of our classes told of a request made by his wife. She and a group of other women in her house of prayer were involved in a self-improvement program.

She asked her husband to help her by listing six things he believed she could do to help her become a better wife.
He reported to the class: “I was surprised by such a request. Frankly, it would have been easy for me to list six things I would like to change about her - my heavens, she could have listed a thousand things she would like to change about me - but I didn’t. I said to her, ‘Let me think about it and give you an answer in the morning.’

6 red roses 2

“The next morning I got up very early and called the florist and had them send six red roses to my wife with a note saying: ‘I can’t think of six things I would like to change about you. I love you just the way you are.

“When I arrived at home that evening, who do you think greeted me at the door: That’s right. My wife! She was almost in tears. Needless to say, I was extremely glad I had not criticized her as she had requested.

“The following Sunday at house of prayer, after she had reported the results of her assignment, several women with whom she had been studying came up to me and said, ‘That was the most considerate thing I have ever heard.’ It was then I realized the power of appreciation.”

- We often take our spouses so much for granted that we never let them know we appreciate them. Give honest and sincere appreciation and your relationship between you and your spouse will going to last forever

Source: Yahoo Group Mailing
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Monday, June 21, 2010

How To Play Fantastic Illusions Using Sun & Moon (14 Pictures)

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Friday, June 18, 2010

What we call this "Excellent Lovely Art" (5 Pictures)

What we call this "Excellent Lovely Art" (5 Pictures)

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